How To Melt Limiting Beliefs Away (Real Life Example)

In this video I will guide you through the understanding of how even your subtlest assumptions and beliefs in any given moment are shaping your experience of the world – And how to let go of limiting beliefs with minimal effort.

Letting go of limiting beliefs is not an active process. It does not consist of “finding” and “doing something” to “remove” them.

Limiting beliefs are arising constantly in mind, making themselves known to you. It is an automatic occurrence.

But because you are identified with them and react to them, you remain bound by them.

If you are to become aware of them and bring them under the scope of your conscious observation, free of all personal attributes, they will cease to control you – You will become free of them.

And ‘how to do this’ is what I would like to explain to you very very simply in today’s video.

In it I will share with you how beliefs shape your experience and how to be free of the beliefs which limit you (Which is ALL beliefs).

Through practicing what I teach in today’s video, you will begin to cultivate your ability to live free of all beliefs, ideas, and concepts – You will become vulnerable to REALITY, which is what you really seek.

Your experience will become simple, pleasant, joyful, free of mental distortion. And it is one of the greatest gifts you will have ever given to yourself and to others.

Watch it above. I hope it is of great value!

Best wishes,

Sunny Sharma

October 28, 2020

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