How To Stop Reacting Emotionally To Triggers

How to stop being reactive not only to circumstances, but also to your own thoughts and emotions.Practice what is mentioned in today’s video and you will transcend all emotional reactiveness.

Circumstances do not dictate your state of being.

Circumstances are inherently empty of meaning and emotion.

In any given moment, you are not suffering a circumstance. What you are suffering is your own mind; your own definitions, beliefs, perspectives, ideas, assumptions, & projections.

Is this difficult to accept? Is there resistance to this statement?

Again, what is resisting? What is refusing to accept? Is it not also the mind, which again is pulling you into suffering a statement that may challenge its current worldview?

See what is happening. You are used to responding FROM the thought that is arising, FROM the emotion that is coming up.

As long as this continues to be level from which you see, there can be no clarity. All that will be seen is an obscured view of what IS.

And in this way the mind will continue to pull you around in a multiple directions, creating all sorts of distortions and dysfunction.


To dissolve this habit of reactiveness, you must deepen your reference point from where you SEE, from where you KNOW.

When your center of perception is known to be deeper than thought and emotion, you no longer remain imprisoned by the perspectives they create.

And that is what I’d like to help you do today.

Click here to watch today’s video and gain clarity around this and transcend all emotional reactivity.

I hope it brings you great value.

Best wishes,

Sunny Sharma

October 28, 2020

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