Is It Safe To Let Go Of All Thoughts? Vedanta Philosophy

Will letting go of dwelling in thoughts create chaos in your life?

Don’t you need constant thinking to operate as a productive member of society and to solve complex problems?

Or will disengaging from thoughts actually lead to order, harmony, and clarity?

If so, how?

Allow me to clear this confusion up for you today. And along with the confusion, let’s also dissolve the fear of letting go of your addiction to compulsive thinking.

Today’s video will show you clearly how disengaging from thoughts will lead to absolutely no loss of your own.

That if anything, it will open you up to a whole new realm of intelligence beyond mind.

And it will help you stumble upon the discovery that all the “problems” in your life that need solving are themselves a direct byproduct of constant thinking.

Don’t just let these be words that you hear and understand intellectually.

Watch this video and learn how to integrate this understanding.

Best wishes,

Sunny Sharma

November 11, 2020

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