Living Without Identity – Being An Absolute Nobody

Are you comfortable being here as you are, while not attributing any name or shape or quality to yourself?

Are you comfortable being here not knowing who or what you are? Simply content and satisfied with the only fact: THAT you are…?

I ask this because it is something you must look at and become aware of: The mind’s addiction to seeking a sense of identity in the contents that are present in the moment.

Personality, emotions, thoughts, moods, titles, labels, interpretations, physical objects, circumstances, the body – All these are food for the mind.

It seeks a home in these temporary projections. And in doing so, it makes you appear to be restless and changeful, always on the move, seeking perfection in the future.

It paints a self image which by definition is limited and requires constant maintenance and protection, causing fear, anticipation, and anxiety.

Whereas to be peaceful, you must relinquish this habit of seeking a sense of self in these projections. Only then, can you rest here in all your purity, free of all false identifications.

If this interests you, make sure to watch today’s video. In it, I will take you much deeper into this teaching.

I hope it benefits you and brings you clarity!

Best wishes,

Sunny Sharma

November 20, 2020

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