How To Balance Desire & Detachment – Vedanta Philosophy

If you remain immersed in your desires, becoming and chasing each one as it arises in mind, you will remain restless and suffer.

However, if you launch a battle against your own desires and reject them, you will also remain restless and suffer.

So what is the middle ground between chasing desire and rejecting desire?

That’s what we will take a deeper look at today. In today’s video I will teach you the proper balance.

You will discover how to allow your desires to be, while no longer being a slave to them, chasing them left and right.

You will be pointed to your essence; your completeness, from which nothing can taken away from or added on.

Make sure to watch the video here. It will provide you great clarity on how to conduct your day to day life when it comes to your desires.

Best wishes,

Sunny Sharma

December 2, 2020

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