A Guidance To Bring You Into Total Acceptance Of This Moment

How to observe without reacting to what you’re observing?

How to just be as you are? While just allowing what is, to be as it is?

What we just described is natural, whereas what we are used to is habitual and learned.

Our default conditioned tendency is to constantly attempt to interpret, change, or manipulate that which is being observed.

We habitually perceive everything through a mental filter. And the mind, imposing onto this moment its limits of time and space, turns everything into a progression; a movement from past to future.

This is what compulsively pulls you into battle with the contents of the now, trying to make them into something else.

It is the birth of judgement, interpretation, projection, and resistance.
Today I’d like to help you change that.

I’d like to show you in a very simple way, how to just be. How to allow the contents of this moment to be as they are, being in total harmony with life, and as life, here and now.

Watch today’s guidance below. I hope it brings you great clarity:)

-Sunny Sharma

December 30, 2020

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