What Is Interested In Mind? – Take Your Self-Inquiry Deeper

You feel stuck to the mind and compelled to follow its projections due to the interest that you have in its content.

Interest in the mind binds you to it and it paints the false illusion that this constant mental activity is necessary.

This desire to be free of mind, while at the same time being so interested in following it forms a repetitive loop that is increasingly frustrating.

Today I will help you transcend this cycle by directly looking at what is it that is interested.

Once you begin to discover what is interested in the mind, and that this interest is not your own, you will be able to go beyond it.

You will be able to relinquish attachment to the interest, and thereby the compulsive need to think will relax and fade away on its own.

Then your thought process itself can become conscious and there will be an increase in your capacity to be able to disengage from the mind when needed.

Watch the video above, I hope it helps you greatly!


Sunny Sharma

February 1, 2021

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