Being Fearless In The Face Of Uncertainty

“In my ideal world, everyone would lose everything that they had once a year.”

It seems that when we have nothing to lose, we are most alive, most centered, most connected, and most available to the spontaneity of life.

This excitement and adventure is what we crave most.

Yet as we go about our journey and accumulate ideas and things, soon all our energies and our focus shifts away from this aliveness, towards the preservation and protection of what we have gathered.

Then the mind begins to create many structures and systems around which life begins to revolve, and all the creativity, spontaneity, and excitement is sucked out of our experience.

Life starts to feel lifeless.

Today’s video will help you reverse this imprisonment. It will help you gain clarity on what is required to dissolve the mental prison you may have built around you and once again make your life creative and spontaneous.

It will help you realize how to become free in action and become fearless in the face of uncertainty.

Click here to watch this important video. I hope it helps you greatly!


Sunny Sharma

February 4, 2021

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