Dissolving Belief In Mind’s Projections – PMQ Free Live Webinar (Jan 31 2020)

This is a recording of the free live webinar which took place today(Jan 31st). I hope that today’s meeting and its recording bring you great value.

If you wish to attend meetings like this with me twice per week to keep your practice simple and free of mental obstacles, I invite you to join us in The Higher Consciousness Shift program – in which I will work closely with you to help you dissolve mind identification through Self-inquiry.

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And if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to support@personalmasteryquest.com and ask.

Today’s meeting topics:

-Being in total acceptance and allowance of the contents of this moment, relinquishing conflict.
-What Self-inquiry entails and how to keep it simple.
-How to dissolve the many mental concerns, doubts, and fears, which arise towards the teaching.

🚩You can register for the next upcoming webinar on February 28th here: https://personalmasteryquest.com/free-webinar/

0:00 intro
0:05 Guided Acceptance & Inquiry
32:03 What Self-inquiry is and what it is not
41:26 Is it important to meditate every day?
48:00 The body and mind are not a problem
51:31 Are all my thoughts chosen? Even the ones I seem to choose?
56:20: How to live in presence everyday even in activity
59:59 Should I join the HCS Program?
1:04:41 I fall asleep during meditation, what to do?
1:06:10 My journey and what worked for me
1:11:02 Getting triggered by other people
1:15:05 Is the mind observing the mind?
1:16:24 How to observe in social situations
1:19:16 How to de-identify from emotions
1:21:33 Does presence feel satisfying?
1:24:25 Will I stop caring because of self inquiry?
1:27:05 Stop relying on thoughts for comfort
1:28:45 Thought is not the problem
1:30:00 Can I lose progress on this path?
1:33:10 Does self inquiry heal past trauma?

Sunny Sharma

February 4, 2021

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