How To Stop Fearful Thoughts By The Power Of Your Presence

There are a million things that terrorize you in the world, but your mind should not be one of them.

The moment your thinking process turns against your own self, it will become dysfunctional and it is only a matter of time before it makes life extremely structural – creating all sorts of protective barriers around you, holding you back from living a free and authentic life.

Unfortunately fearful and anxious thoughts have become somewhat normal in our culture and perhaps somewhere, there is even an underlying assumption that this is what life consists of.

But that is not the case. And that is what today’s video will help you realize.

In it, I will share with you how to stop your fearful and anxious thoughts by the power of your presence. And how the way you may have been going about this process is largely incorrect.

Make sure to watch today’s video here. I’m certain it will bring you immense value.

Once you begin to practice the pointers in today’s video consistently, your mind will lose its capacity to pull you into suffering and your thoughts will be largely cleansed of the negative energies such as fear and anxiety.

Sunny Sharma

February 4, 2021

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