Turning Away From Material Desires – My Journey

As the mind grows more mature through inquiry, there will be a natural turning inward, away from all the worldly objects that it previously used to spend all of its energy chasing.

Why will the mind stop chasing worldly objects?

Because it will deeply realize that there is no happiness in them; that the pleasure they bring lasts for a moment, fleeing as quickly as it came.

However, this transition from outwardness to inwardness isn’t exactly smooth.

Even though the mind becomes mature in its understanding that worldly desires are not the answer, the pull of conditioning remains strong.

The mind suffers this transition and becomes fearful and doubtful of what may happen when it starts letting go of relying on objects to feel secure and happy – something it has invested a lot of time and energy in. And during the process, many insecurities and resistances arise.

So how to make this transition smoother? That is the topic of today’s video.

In it I will share with you my experience of this transition that I went through this past year and how it is much more beautiful than you can imagine. But it must not be forced.

As you allow this understanding to naturally develop, all of the mind doubts, fears, and worries are silenced and life continues on, much more effortlessly, with way greater harmony than it previously used to. And more importantly, the mind begins to find a balance; a greater trust in the unknown and unpredictable.

The same sense of security and and happiness it used to invest in objects, it begins to invest in the Self.

Make sure to watch today’s video here.

It is perhaps the most important video I have made this year. And I hope it offers you great insight and clarity!


Sunny Sharma

February 8, 2021

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