Your Point Of View Is Limited – Learn To See Beyond It (Crucial Life Lesson)

Your point of view at any given moment in time is limited. It imposes on you and your world, a limited filter, altering your perception drastically.

As long as you keep believing and buying into your own mental points of view, you will continue to create suffering for yourself and others.

Not only that, you will also remain confused as to why you’re suffering. Because from inside the mental point of view, your remain blind to the core issue: the mental point of view itself.

You’ll continue to blame others and external circumstances, not realizing that what you are experiencing and suffering is your own mind.

So the question then comes: How to dissolve this illusion and gain clarity?

That is what I’d like to show you today.

In today’s video, I will share with you a recent personal experience of mine, and an insight that came from it, which has the power to expose this tendency of yours.

Which tendency? The tendency to always automatically filter your experience through some sort of belief or judgement.

And more importantly, I will show you how to learn to see from beyond your mind’s limited scope – from the realm of clarity and harmony.

Watch this important video here. And please watch it until the end to truly grasp it.

Best wishes,

Sunny Sharma

February 13, 2021

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