Watch The “I,” Not What The “I” Is Watching – Advaita Vedanta

Your “I” seems to be always changing, wearing all sorts of different costumes and appearances.

One moment it says “I am happy” then another moment it says “I am sad” and then another moment it says “I am lonely” and on and on it goes.

If you never take a closer look at this, this changing “I” will keep you on the surface of life, making you deeply suffer all of its ups and downs.

It will keep you immersed in the world of objects, chasing momentary appearances, while block all deeper experience and understanding.

But if you begin to live with a certain level of attentiveness, this habit of associating the “I” with all that it perceives will gradually fade away.

You will begin to disassociate the “I” from all that changes; all that it is not – and it can then finally be unmixed from all the contents of consciousness.

This un-mixing process is what you can call clarity. Clarity isn’t created or brought about, it arises naturally as the obstacles to it are removed.

And only when there is clarity, can you then know any real peace, stability, security, and happiness.

Otherwise what we experience as peace and happiness are just momentary glimpses of pleasure, totally dependent on circumstances, thoughts, and feelings – and remain easily threatened by anything that moves.

So today’s video is dedicated to that which will allow this clarity to arise. I will show you what keeps your “I” enveloped in the contents of consciousness and more importantly, how to accelerate this un-mxing process.

Watch the video here. I hope it adds great value to you.

Best wishes,

Sunny Sharma

February 15, 2021

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