What Letting Go Really Means (And How To Do It)

How to master the art of letting go and living in total acceptance and harmony.

Today’s video is dedicated to promoting the launch of my new “Letting Go Masterclass” which will help you deeply understand the practice of letting go/acceptance so that you can implement it consistently without getting stuck in mental doubts, concerns, and fears.

When you are suffering your experience, you remain immersed in experience, unknowingly blocking all deeper understanding.

Only when you begin to live in acceptance, will you ever have the energy and interest to turn within. Only then will you stop suffering life and become receptive to understanding its deeper truths.

So please go ahead and watch this video and then further watch the new class which will help you accelerate and deepen your understanding of letting go/acceptance.

I hope it brings you great value 🙂

All the best,

Sunny Sharma

February 18, 2021

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