Total Acceptance Vs Pursuing Goals – Is There A Balance?

Recently I received this question in the PMQ Community Facebook Group:

“How does one create balance between letting go and pursuing ones goals? The act of taking action to achieve something will naturally create at least some level of attachment and importance around the goal. Letting go and being overly passive might result in the goal never being achieved. What is the best way to think about this?”

I thought it was a good opportunity to address this in a direct manner, in hopes that it may clear up confusion for a great deal of people.

However, today’s video will only resonate with you if you are genuinely seeking the truth of your existence. Otherwise it may bring up a ton of resistance, especially if you consider inquiry as a means to some material gain.

Even if that is so, if you’re willing, the teaching today will liberate you from much of that which you unconsciously suffer and release the heavy emotional burden that you carry.

Watch today video with an open mind and let it serve you to whatever capacity that is relevant for you at this time 🙂

Best wishes,

Sunny Sharma

February 25, 2021

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