Peace Lies In The Removal Of That Which Disturbs Peace – Advaita Vedanta

Today I’d like to share something with you which may completely change your entire paradigm and the way you go about your life.

If today’s lesson resonates with you and if the advice is taken, it may open you up to become truly peaceful here and now…something you’ve may have always been seeking, but never found.

The problem usually is that we want to “create” peace. We want peace to come about as a result of the attainment or achievement of a desired object, or the dismissal of a disliked object.

However, peace is not a result of accumulation or dismissal of objects, whatever they may be, including people, illnesses, situations.

As soon as you attain this one thing or dismiss that other thing, mind shortly finds something else to attain or remove, driving you right back into restlessness.

Peace instead lies in the removal of the ideas, concepts, beliefs, identities, and convictions, which disturb peace.

These all come together to form the template of your worldview; your paradigm which controls your entire perception of experience and directs all of your activities.

It is in the giving up of what is distorting your natural state that allows peace to establish itself as the ever-present fact of reality. And today I’d like to help you with this removal process.

Watch today’s video which will take you much deeper into this.

I hope it helps you see this clearly and do some well needed spring “inner” cleaning.

Best wishes,

Sunny Sharma

March 17, 2021

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