Self-Abidance Exercise (Powerful Vedanta Meditation Technique)

Today I am sharing with you a very powerful Self-abidance exercise which will melt all your mental complexity.

It will be challenging and the mind will resist. However if you’re willing, today’s guided exercise will allow you to become profoundly still and silent.

This silence, this emptiness of objective focus, is the space of understanding. It is the birthplace of wisdom.

And I encourage you to implement the exercise I share with you in today’s video into your regular routine.

Watch the video. I hope it helps you!

Sunny Sharma

P.S. If you find that your mind continues to be turbulent and that you have a hard time with silence and understanding this teaching, I invite you to learn more about my Higher Consciousness Shift Program.

In it, I work closely with you to help you dissolve mind identification and discovery the peace of your true nature. Learn more about that here:

March 17, 2021

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