Say Yes To Unconditional Happiness – Vedanta Philosophy

It seems that as we grow older, the conditions on which we believe our happiness depends also grows with us.

If you remain unaware of this, it is likely that many preferences, beliefs, resistances, and conditions continue to creep up in your mind and unconsciously become identified with.

This pile of judgements blocks the happiness of existence into an appearance of limitation and frustration.

This is what we call conditioning: Where past(mind) rules your life and your happiness fluctuates with circumstances. It shines forth in glimpses only when certain external conditions are met.

If you’re tired of buying your happiness on rental, then you must break the bonds of this conditioning and uncover the unconditional happiness of being: Your very natural state.

How to do this? Well, let’s talk about it in greater depth.

Watch this very important video where you’ll learn how to say goodbye to conditional, circumstantial happiness.

I hope it helps you greatly!

Sunny Sharma

March 17, 2021

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