What Surrender Will Lead To

If I asked you, what do you think is more intelligent?

Your intellect or nature?

When asked in this manner, it seems like the obvious answer is nature. I mean, nature is so powerful, so harmonious, and its power is unfathomable by the mind.

However if you were to take a look at your actions and behavior, what you’ll find is that in the way you conduct your life, there is somewhat of an unconscious assumption that:

1: Your mind is separate from nature and in charge of its own existence.

And # 2: That your mind is actually more intelligent than nature and knows better what is best for you.

These 2 assumptions you are suffering all the time, without knowing it. And believe it or not, these 2 assumptions are also the root cause of all your overthinking, fear, anxiety, and dysfunction in life.

So today I’d like to help you make the shift from mental intelligence which is limited, to natural intelligence which is infinite.

Today’s video will help you give away all your worries and fears and problems over to life, allowing life to solve them with utter simplicity and ease. It will allow you to once again become free from the burden of psychological suffering and beginning to live life freely, similarly to when you were a child.

Watch this important video here. And please act on what you hear.

Best wishes,

Sunny Sharma

April 2, 2021

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