How To Let Go Of Being Overwhelmed By Emotions

The mind finds teachings of acceptance and letting go difficult to grasp and it creates many complications in your application of the practice.

All of the mind’s concerns about the letting go/Acceptance teachings are rooted in the belief of separation. Some of the fruits of this belief are resistance, fear, overwhelm, anxiety, impatience, and error in judgement.

Meanwhile, the one living by this teaching of surrender reaps competely different fruits: Harmony, clarity, peace, happiness, and understanding of unity.

What better describes your experience? The first or the second?

Take a moment to reflect.

To shift from the latter to the second requires you to cross a bridge. It is entirely possible and actually quite simple, if you are willing.

And today I wish to share with you what this bridge is and how to cross it.

Watch today’s video so that you may never again find yourself overwhelmed by emotion or fearful of life.

Listen to today’s teaching with an open mind and practice genuinely whatever you learn, to open the gates of understanding.

I hope today’s dialogue helps you greatly.

Best wishes,

Sunny Sharma

April 5, 2021

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