Hi I'm Sunny, Creator Of Personal Mastery Quest! 

Now more than ever, people are suffering the increasingly strenuous demands of the modern day lifestyle.

Distraction, stress, anxiety, and fear have become the norm. Meanwhile happiness, love, peace, and wellbeing have become farfetched goals that we have to endlessly pursue and experience in little glimpses.

Turning to spiritual teachings used to be the answer. However today, the realm of spiritual teachings is equally complex, often bringing people further into confusion. 

The mission of Personal Mastery Quest is to create a conscious world, grounded in Being - Turning away from suffering, towards peace, harmony, and selflessness.

Furthermore, to shed clarity onto the path of spirituality, keeping it inherently simple. We help people who wish to be free of the dysfunctional state of mind identification by providing a step-by-step blueprint for diving deeply into Self-discovery.

To be free of the mind, you must go beyond it. And to go beyond, means to realize what you are prior to it, as the awareness with which you know it.

As you begin to wake up to this deeper intelligence and come to know it as your own Self, you cease being a puppet to your thoughts, feelings, and circumstances. They no longer obscure the innate peace of Being, they no longer obscure your understanding of what you really are. You grow wiser and happier, and become free of the tendency to create dysfunction for yourself and for the world.

All this is the fruit of Self-inquiry, or Self “investigation.”

And that is our goal: To make Self-inquiry accessible and understandable to all; making the daily practice of living in awareness utterly simple and easy to implement. Through it, we intend to help those who are ready, dissolve mind identification and awaken to their true nature.

Our Approach Is Simple

It is a 4 step process built on the ideals of Modern Advaita teachings.

1. Presence 

De-energizing the mind’s projections and ending attachment to thinking.

2. Acceptance

Living in total acceptance of what is.

3. Self-Inquiry

Investigating into the self, the “I” that thinks, feels, and experiences.

4. Self-Abidance

Integrating Self-discovery with the practical aspects of daily life.

How Personal Mastery Quest Came To Be

In January of 2017 I was in deep pain and in need of a big change.

For a few years leading up to that point, I was suffering through a physical injury; herniated discs in my spine coming from losing a lot of weight rather quickly after years of being severely overweight.

My body had fallen completely out of balance. And due to being very young and not knowing any better, I was coping with it through distraction, avoidance, and suppression. My lifestyle quickly became full of unhealthy habits and negative behavior. The increasing pain and suffering in January 2017 were my body and mind crying for help.

That month, a few self-help and spiritual books made their way into my experience. The new information that I was coming across in these books knocked me upside down. It felt like an entirely new world opened up to me, one that I had never known. It lit up a fire in me like one I had never felt before.

A boost of energy and motivation soon followed, enabling me to create many changes in my lifestyle, and more importantly significant improvements in my health. That phase of my life empowered me greatly. I went from being pessimistic, insecure, and lethargic to being optimistic, positive, confident, and energetic. I shifted from a weak ego to a strong and healthy, empowered ego haha.

Because of the results I noticed in my life from wholeheartedly practicing the teachings I was learning, I kept wanting to go deeper and deeper and explore what else this life has in store for me. The world started to feel like a playground of possibility rather than a prison of pain and suffering.

In summer of 2017, I had one semester left before graduating college. At the time, my passion for Self-growth and spiritual teachings trumped my interest in finance, which is what I had majored in for 4 years. However, I could no longer bear the thought of having to suit up and commute 2 hours to work a job I had no interest in.

On one hand, it seemed like I had no other option, but on the other, I felt a strong pull to create something of my own to share with others what I was learning and discovering about life. I felt a strong desire make something big of myself and to help others create something big of themselves too. My mindset had become centered around success and achievement.

What was I going to create? I had no idea. All I knew was that it was possible and I trusted that I would be able to figure it out and that life will come to my rescue. I had the attitude that if all else fails, I will simply go back to doing what I would have done regardless. I simply decided that I will do my best and let life take care of the rest, an attitude I would later come to realize is of great value 🙂

As a deeply insecure and fearful college kid with no worthwhile achievements to count on, the idea of paving my own path was daunting. But my newfound trust in the powerful teachings being placed before me inspired me to act. So despite all the fear, I launched a journey to find my passion and how to make a living doing it.

Soon after, I took a leap of faith and quit my internship with the finance company I was set up to work full time for after graduating college. I took the little bit of savings that I had to book a solo trip across the US. I then traveled alone by train from NY to San Fransisco, stopping at Chicago, Denver, and Salt Lake City for a few days each along the way. To my friends and family, and even myself if I am to be honest, this seemed like a crazy idea at first - But this trip is what would later come to be the birth of Personal Mastery Quest.

This was not trip for leisure, it was to get away from all the noise and pressure. It was a way of isolating myself from society so I could focus on answering the many question marks in my life. All I did each day was meditate, read, write, and ponder what to do going forward. It was a deeply reflective time and I am blessed to be able to do it. Here are a few pictures from that trip.

The rest of the story coming soon...

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