Hi I'm Sunny, Creator Of Personal Mastery Quest! 

The mission of Personal Mastery Quest is to create a conscious world, grounded in Being - Turning away from suffering, towards peace, harmony, and selflessness. 

Furthermore, to shed clarity onto the spiritual path, keeping it inherently simple. We help people transcend the dysfunctional state of mind identification by providing a step-by-step blueprint for diving deeply into Self-discovery.

Our process is rooted in 2 teachings: Acceptance and Self-Inquiry. Acceptance implies observing what is without judgement, thereby ending all conflict and dissolving the barriers to deeper understanding.

Self-inquiry takes it a step further by helping you turn within and retain the mind in its source, enabling you to become receptive to understanding your true nature.

Together they help your mind become utterly quiet and peaceful. They introduce an element of inner silence into your experience which is the main thing that you are currently missing.

This inner silence is what breaks the bonds of your mental prison, enabling direct understanding. It is what makes you  receptive to the oasis of peace and happiness that lies within your heart.

Get Started With These Free Classes

Self-Inquiry Workshop

Learn Self-Inquiry Step-By-Step and profoundly deepen your understanding.

Letting Go Masterclass

Master the art of letting go & living in total acceptance and harmony.

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