Accelerated Reality Online Course

Accelerated Reality

Create The Life You Truly Want To Live Through A Higher Consciousness Mindset

Accelerated Reality is Sunny's entire previous coaching program in video format.

Step back into your power as the creator of your life and learn how to consciously create a holistic, positive transformation in yourself, your relationships, your personal and professional life.

Regain the freedom, peace, and joy that you once felt in your life when you were a child.

Accelerated Reality Is A Comprehensive Program In Which We help you accomplish 2 Main Objectives:

1. Create an internal atmosphere of peace and happiness.

2. Create an external atmosphere of abundance and harmony.

This Change Is Accomplished By...

1. Elevating your level of conscious awareness - Shifting your sense of self from body/mind to presence.

2. Dissolving past traumas, limiting beliefs, fears, mental blocks, and repetitive life patterns.

3. Creating a complete internal shift in identity - Aligning powerfully to your ideal self and reality.

4. Reprogramming your subconscious mind and bringing your belief system in alignment with your desire.

Here's Everything You Get With This Course:

  • A complete 7 Week Create Your Own Reality Journey: Over 13 hours of advanced personal coaching from Sunny.
  • Easy To Follow Coaching System: Step-by-step breakdown of the entire creation process with sequential video modules in an easy to access online private portal.
  • Downloadable Mp3's: Fully downloadable audios of all modules so you can listen to the program offline or during your commute.
  • Free Support Documents & Resources: Additional documents, worksheets, and exercises to help you take concrete action on everything you learn in the lectures.
  • Lifetime Access To Accelerated Reality: 24/7 lifetime access to the program and its future updated versions with additional cutting edge lectures.
  • An Unconditional 10 Day Money Back Guarantee: So you can try the Accelerated Reality Course and see if it is the right fit for you before committing.

The Accelerated Reality Program Will Enable You To:

  • Create your reality from oneness. Instead of struggling to strategize your way to an abundant life through the small self, consciously create your reality through a deep connection with your Higher Self perspective.
  • Manifest your desired reality with less effort, hard work, grinding, and struggling.
  • Experience a complete transformation in your relationships, finances, career, health, business, and personal life.
  • Become aware of and release your fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs.
  • Live a more authentic, effortless life that feels true to who you are; the live you know you are here to live.
  • Feel more connected with life, with your world, with your external reality, with other people in your life.
  • Let go of ego and attachment to external things, situations, and people.

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We truly believe that the Accelerated Reality Program is the missing key that you have been looking for and that it has the power to completely change your life. We're beyond excited to launch this online program on the PMQ platform.

Accelerated Reality Program

Get full digital access to the Accelerated Reality Online Course and learn at your own pace within the online portal.


  • Full Accelerated Reality Online Course with 24/7 lifetime access.
  • Downloadable Course Audios for convenience of use.
  • 10 Day Full Money Back Guarantee.
  • For your security, all orders are processed on a secure server.

If you have any questions, please contact and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.  

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