Do What They Say You Can’t

Ever since the beginning you’ve been told what to believe.  You’ve been told what is possible what is not possible, and what is cool or not cool.  You’ve been taught to pursue being normal and you’ve  always been asked to accept the rules of this rigid system and comply with its restrictions. You’ve been asked […]

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What Your Emotions Convey To The Universe…

In this video I will show you what your negative emotions convey to the universe. This is the process of how to create the layer of your own reality. Universal law will give you exactly what you put into it. You create your layer of reality through imagination and the energy that you radiate through […]

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3 Ways Ways To Quiet The Mind Without Meditation

In this video I will show you 3 really easy ways to quiet your mind without meditating. I understand that meditation is tough for a lot of people and it doesn’t seem to work when you’re just starting out. I’ve been there myself and I have been meditating everyday for about a year and a […]

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