What Is Yoga? Health Benefits Of Yoga | Fast Transformation

Yoga is a variety of mental, physical, and  spiritual practices developed thousands of years ago in India. Since then, it has been influential enough for it to still be relevant today. Even in the western world, we have witnessed yoga’s influence grow exponentially in the last ten years. Yoga has helped people for thousands of […]

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Set New Standards For Your Life

The reason for unhappiness is unfulfilled desire. When you think life should be a certain way, and the life you are currently living is not a good match with your blueprint, unhappiness and dissatisfaction ensues. One reason for this is that we don’t make clear to ourselves, what we want in our lives and what […]

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Find Happiness In The Journey

The journey is what makes life worth living.  So many people put happiness on the opposite side of where they are currently. They constantly tell themselves, “When this happens, I will be happy.” Unconsciously, they make happiness into something that they have to accomplish and something that is hard to attain.  The “true happiness” we […]

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