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A Formula To Ensure Success And Avoid Failure

Just like an overnight success isn’t actually a real thing, neither is an overnight failure.Throughout your life, you are either gaining power or losing it. The consistent gain or loss in power constitutes success or failure.Think of “power” as your ability to do something; the degree of influence or control you have over an outcome.We […]

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Work, Persevere, Be Relentless, & Succeed.

If you want anything in this world, all you have to do is continuously work towards it with full focus. Despite all the distractions and the difficulties, keep working. Everything has technical aspects and kinks that are annoying to figure out during the process. They are even discouraging at times, but they are merely details […]

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Just Do It – Building Discipline

“Just Do It.” A simple concept, yet a powerful one. Living through this phrase will make you an unbeatable force, unaffected by tendencies of procrastination and laziness. It will help you defeat the voice in your head that tries to convince you to put off important tasks, or ones that make you uncomfortable. Most people […]

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