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Reality Transurfing – 3 Ways To Avoid Pendulums

In this post I will show you how to easily identify and avoid pendulums along with getting trapped into their negative energy. Hi this is Sunny from personal mastery and today, I want to show you exactly how you can avoid getting hooked onto negative energy pendulums. Pendulums in the reality transurfing process are […]

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What is Reality Transurfing?

In this post I will help you gain a better understanding of the reality transurfing process so you can create the life that you want in an easier manner.  Reality transurfing is a manifestation process, a philosophy what every you want to call it. What it really is, is  a way of living life.  Reality […]

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What Are Pendulums – Reality Transurfing

In this post, I will be explaining exactly what pendulums are in the reality transurfing process, how they affect your decisions and your life, and how you can avoid these pendulums so you can stay free to create the life that you want.  Pendulums are energy structures which are created any time a group of […]

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