Hi I'm Sunny

Work With Me - Reality Creation Coaching

I help people who are stuck, unhappy, and unfulfilled take back control of their life through effective and easy
to implement reality creation techniques.

Through my 8-Week Coaching program that is rooted in the incredibly powerful Reality Transurfing process, we work together to dissolve your challenges and create the abundance you seek in your life.

Are you frustrated because..
-Law of attraction doesn’t seem to work in your life?
-You can’t find the connectedness between your thoughts and the events of your life?
-You constantly struggle with negative thoughts and feelings?
-You doubt your self worth and if you’re actually deserving of your dreams?
-You can’t get away from the negativity and start radiating joy and abundance?

I understand how you feel because I’ve been there before.

Ever since that time, I have dedicated my life to growing my spiritual awareness and figuring out the pieces to this puzzle so I could be of service to other people and teach them what they need to know to live a pleasant, abundant, and effortless life experience.

This program is right for you if...

-You are ready for a lasting transformation and clarity.
-You’ve tried several manifestation books and programs before & none have worked.
-You’re sick and tired of being a victim of your circumstances.
-You want to evolve spiritually and understand manifestation at a much deeper level.
-You want to gain conscious control over your thoughts and emotions.
-You want to start consciously creating your life experiences.
-You want to release all your inner resistance and start allowing what you want into your life. 

Do you think you are a right fit for this program?
Then book a free consult with me below and let's discuss your needs & how I can be of help to you.

Here’s the truth you need to hear:

Abundance, peace, joy, and love are your natural state.
The extent to which you don’t have these in your life is the extent to which you are resisting them. 

In other words, YOU are the only one getting in your way. 

All of the negative beliefs and programming you have picked up throughout your life is clouding your natural abundant state coming to the surface.

As a result, all of the negative emotions and programming you are carrying within your subconscious mind are active in your vibration - which is why you might struggle to attract pleasant experiences in your life and continue to create negative experiences on loop.

In this 8-Week program, we work closely to remove those resistant blocks so your natural light can shine through. 

Then we implement powerful Reality Creation techniques and practices in order to build on that lovely foundation and consciously create the beautiful life experiences you desire

A little bit about me...
Just a year and a half ago I was wearing a suit, working a corporate job in New York City - something I  thought symbolized success.

After feeling constantly miserable and unfulfilled, I soon realized that I was living a life that wasn't true to who I am.

I built the courage to leave and find my own path. Since then, I have been coaching people, making videos, and traveling. 

 I have been blessed to share and spread my knowledge and help people to create massive positive changes in their lives through Reality Transurfing and Law of Attraction teachings.

The very principles that changed my entire life...

At every moment in time, you have the freedom to choose the reality you want irrespective of what you have been through in the past.

 The only thing that exists is the Now.

And within this Now you have the power to choose the life you want to live. I help you make that choice.

Let's get you on your path of greatest success.

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