HCS Program

Dissolve Mind Identification Through Self-Inquiry - Live In Peace & Happiness.

The Higher Consciousness Shift offers you the continuous structure and support that you need in order to dive deeply into Self discovery, without fear or confusion.

It is designed with one primary focus: Self-inquiry; To turn your intellectual understanding of the teaching into direct experience; making the daily practice of living in awareness utterly simple.

Simplify & Transform Your Spiritual Practice

In the program, we work closely together to help you: 

- Refine and sharpen your Self-inquiry, keeping it free of mental obstacles.

- Learn how to let go and live in acceptance and flow.

- Establish your sense of self in awareness through natural understanding, instead of maintained effort or discipline.

- Purify the mind of limiting ideas, beliefs, and impressions.

- Become quiet, detached, peaceful, and happy.

The Tools We Use

Acceptance: Living in total acceptance, free from attachment, resistance, conflict, and suffering.

Inquiry: Dissolve identification with thoughts, feelings, sensations, perceptions, your past, and what comprises your personal identity - And through it, discover your true, essential Being.

Abidance: Live in alignment with your true nature and integrate Self-knowledge into the practical aspects of life.

This program will help you become quiet. That is actually the only thing that you are missing: Inner silence.

The mind must stop its habit of chasing, of acquisitiveness, of constant interpretation and intellectualization. What you need is to learn to become quiet and stay quiet.

This inner silence is what makes you receptive to the true teaching, which is beyond words.

How We Approach The Practice

The process that I take you through in this program is simple. It consists of 4 main sections, which all seamlessly tie into each other to create one holistic approach.

Section 1: Presence

Dissolving the habit of compulsive thinking. Learning to disengage from mind and harness the attention.


- Letting go of the mental states which are obscuring and distorting your true nature.

- De-energizing the mind’s momentum and its projections.

- Becoming free from of addiction to overthinking and analyzing.

Section 2: Acceptance

Living in total acceptance of what is, flowing in absolute harmony with experience.


- Relinquishing the battle with thoughts, emotions, sensations, and perceptions. Freedom from resistance.

- Resolve past trauma, fear, and limiting beliefs.

- Transcending reacting to external events.

Section 3: Self-Inquiry

Relaxing the attention into its source. Freeing yourself from compulsive objective focus, to discover your impersonal Being.


- Refine and deepen your Self-inquiry practice.

- Relinquishing the belief in mental projections. Freedom from suffering.

- Dissolve identification with mind and discover your true, essential nature.

Section 4: Self-Abidance

Integrating your insights from inquiry into your day to day situations and circumstances. Living the teaching.


- Knowingly abide as the essential Self throughout all waking activity. Living as the knowing of experience.

- Freeing yourself of the subtle layers of personal identity.

- Establish your sense of Self in and as awareness.

In this program we are not working for enlightenment or towards Self-realization. Instead, we are becoming free of all these mental notions; free of chasing any future achievement altogether.

The focus of this program is to use Self-inquiry as the method to become clear and transparent; to purify the mind of wrong ideas and impressions; to become silent and see things as they are.

Our process is established in Self remembrance - learning to separate the real from the unreal, and balancing that with the practical aspects of daily life.

The change it will bring into your life

Here's a flavor of the change that this silence brings into your experience.

- Self-Knowledge: An experiential knowing of your essential, formless Self.

- Happiness: Your natural and causeless state.

-Peace: A life free from endless worry, stress, fear, and anxiety.

- Detachment: The ability to be at peace regardless of the nature of external circumstances. 

- Fulfillment: Feel utterly fulfilled to the brim with how life is in this moment.

- Harmony: Freedom from self-judgement, blame, guilt, and shame.

- Emotional Mastery: The end of reacting to events.

- Wisdom: Move through life in love and balance, free from unnecessary friction.

- Ease: The art of effortless living, free from chasing experiences.

- Authenticity: Express yourself naturally, living in alignment with your purpose, without fear of judgement.

In truth, the real seeking, is no seeking at all. The best spiritual practice is entirely spontaneous. Knowing you are not anything that you perceive, just be. Don’t cling to anything, don’t resist anything, just be.

This is the essence of Self-abidance; it is wisdom. And this attitude is what I help you cultivate in the program.

Hear from our current students...

How Jacqueline Transcended Her Endless Emotional Healing Journey Through Self-Inquiry

How Bez Became Free Of Excessive Overthinking & Emotional Reactiveness Through Self-Inquiry

How Scott, Taryn, & Aliza recognized their innate peace and happiness, despite the nature of their circumstances and past..

“This takes you deeper than any other process. Stick with this teaching; it's one of the most powerful things you can ever bring into your life.”

Scott Enslin, Eastern United States.

“The biggest difference in my life is the amount of peace, fulfillment, and satisfaction that I feel on a day to day basis.”

Taryn Nightingale, Johannesburg, SA.

“It has helped me to be more at ease, more at peace, less reactive, and I am so so thankful that I found this program..”

Aliza Wahab Moreno, Oakland, California

Regardless of your story, spiritual background, or conditioning, this shift is equally open to you too. For in essence, you are not any different.

All it takes is a fresh approach, free of past and future. That fresh approach is what this program helps you cultivate.

The Structure of Our program

I've structured this program in a way where you're able to learn and practice on your own while at the same time, always have personal access to me and be supported in your practice. I work with you closely in 3 ways.

1. Online course

Condensed and easy to go through lectures with visuals and step-by-step implementation method. This is where I teach you the entire process outlined above.

-The main focus of this course is implementation and practice. I am not interested in filling your mind with more concepts, but instead to show you only what works and how to directly implement it in your life.

-Contains guided meditations and other helpful resources for each section.

-Includes all past Q&A recordings and segments.

2. Private Mentorship

Be mentored and supported by me throughout your time in the program. On our calls, you can speak to me directly and get guidance on what you're struggling with in regards to the practice.

-2 Live Q&A sessions every week. These calls are very intimate with a small group, and provide great clarity. They help you keep your practice simple and consistent, free of mental obstacles.

-The calls usually begin with a guided meditation/Inquiry, followed by a question and answer segment. You can speak to me directly or submit your questions in writing, whatever suits you best.

-They occur Tuesdays at 7PM Eastern & Saturdays at 12PM Eastern. (Please convert to your timezone) Additional calls at different times are often added as well in order to accommodate international members.

-Each call is 2 hours long, but you are welcome to join and leave the call as you please. You can join using a computer, mobile app, or by dialing in. Each session is recorded and available to watch later as well. 

-You are encouraged to attend the calls even when you do not have a question. Many program members join in just to listen. These calls are immensely powerful and the atmosphere on these calls brings you directly into the experience of the teaching. Each call clears up many mental obstacles and beliefs that you were previously unconscious of.

3. Powerful Support Community

Get support and interact with other program members. Our group is a close family.

-This group is only for active program members and it provides great support. It has become a powerful spiritual community in which you can receive instant answers to your questions during the week and share your experiences.

-All posts are separated by section, making it easier for you to find answers to your most common questions.

-Weekly Q&A recordings are also posted in this Facebook group for easier viewing.

-Interact with me personally and get my support and guidance whenever you need throughout the day.

(You do not need to join the Facebook group to enroll in the program, however it is highly encouraged due to the benefit it provides)

This program is built around 3 Main Principles


Understand the teaching with great clarity and keep the practice utterly simple.


Implement the teaching. Integrate the intellectual understanding into an experiential knowing.


Remain truly consistent with the teaching while keeping it fresh, free of mental obstacles.

Through it you become quiet, and continue to grow subtler in the understanding of your true, essential nature.

Enroll Now Below

In the year 2021, my main intention is to make this teaching available to as many people as I possibly can. Previously, cost of the program used to be a barrier. This program was priced at $2500. However now, I've done my absolute best to make it affordable and accessible to everyone who really wishes to join.

I'm currently experimenting making enrollment only $500 for the time being. This pricing may be temporary as I do not know how this experiment will go, however I am looking forward to seeing how it unfolds 🙂

If you wish to enroll at this extremely discounted price, please make sure to act now and purchase. I look forward to working with you and helping you make 2021 your happiest year yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a refund policy? 

Yes, your investment is wanted only if we are the right fit and if you’re benefiting greatly from the program. It is my goal to provide you 20x the value of your investment.

Which is why if you enroll and find that this program isn’t the right fit for you, or if the program isn’t everything you wished and hoped that it would be, you can let me know within 7 days of your enrollment in the program and you will receive a full refund for your payment. The 7-day grace period gives you plenty of time to figure out if this program is right for you. After the 7 days, I expect you to be fully committed.

How long does it usually take to see results?

This results-seeking mindset is exactly what we seek to dissolve in the program. It is what turns your entire spiritual search into a chase for some future destination.

Our work in this program points to you timeless being, which is not a result or outcome of any process. It is here and now. It is what you already are. Our work is simply to help you recognize and see clearly, that this is already the case.

With that said, everyone matures in this understanding at a different pace, often in proportion to their willingness to relinquish attachment to their own mental concepts, stories, and ideas. However, I can say without a doubt that if you enroll even for one month, the understanding and clarity with which you approach this practice and your life, will drastically change.

Give one month of sincere devotion, practice, and consistency to the teaching that I share with you in this program and leave the 'result' to life itself. This approach is itself what will bring you the greatest benefit, even within just one month of participating in the program.

What is the duration of the program? 

You will have access to the program for 1 full year starting from the date of your enrollment, enabling you work with us long-term and to go at your own pace.

“It’s been incredible, he’s been there every step of the way. Implement what he’s telling you and you’ll be set…”

Liero Marchesi, Orange, California.

“I’m more at peace than ever before. The negative thoughts are melting away and I'm gaining emotional mastery.”

Maiki Ling, Tallinn, Estonia.

“The simplicity of what Sunny teaches is so profound, and it is by far the best thing that I have done.”

Franco Sano, Miami Florida.

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