Hi I'm Sunny

Please watch the video below to decide which coaching option is the right fit for your personal needs.

Reality transurfing coaching will allow you not to fight against your problems, but to solve them, and not come up against them in the first place.

Being coached through the simple reality transurfing solutions that I provide will allow you to move past your problems. Together, we will work to get you closer and closer to the alternate reality in which your ideal self is living your ideal life.

Transurfing enables you to resolve any life conflict at root level.

All you need is the proper guidance and that is what I am here for.

Bronze Coaching Package $49
(1 Email)

The Bronze Package includes 1 detailed email session. Appropriate for people who want to discuss 1 personal problem and acquire a thorough solution recommendation. Answer will be detailed and will include a custom plan for implementation.

Silver Coaching Package $119
(5 Emails)

The Silver Package includes 5 detailed email responses. Appropriate for people who want to discuss multiple personal problems and want support for follow up questions and instructions. Answers will be detailed and will include a custom plan for implementation along with accountability support.

Gold Coaching Package $229
One 1.5 Hour Phone Consultation
3 Follow up emails

The Gold Package includes one 1½ hour Skype or phone consultation and 2 detailed follow up email support responses. Appropriate for people who prefer face to face interaction or talking on the phone. Full conversation to discuss any problems you might have and a thorough explanation of Reality Transurfing solutions custom tailored for you. Includes a custom plan for implementation.

Platinum Coaching Package

The platinum package is a more extensive program where we work together 1 on 1 for an extended period of time to transform your life through reality transurfing techniques. If you would like to apply for the platinum package, please fill out the information below and I will reach out to you as soon as possible with details.

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