HCS Program

Dissolve Mind Identification and discover your true nature. Liberate yourself from all unconscious behaviors, patterns, and emotional suffering.

The HCS Program teaches you how to master the principles of Acceptance And Self-inquiry without getting stuck in mental obstacles and endless thinking.

In this program, I work closely with you to help you: 

- Dissolve identification with thoughts and feelings. Become free from suffering the mind.

- Deepen your understanding of Self-inquiry and discover your true Self beyond personal identity.

- Master the art of Acceptance/Letting go and learn to live in total harmony with life.

- Dissolve all past emotional energy, trauma, pain, fear, anxiety, and repetitive life patterns.

- Become free from unconsciously reacting to events and people.

- Abide as awareness and transcend ego identity/patterns.

- Become grounded in peace, happiness, and love.

Our Process Is Uniquely Simple. It Consists Of 4 Main Sections.

1. Presence

In This Section, You Will Learn How To..

- Deepen your meditation quickly and become increasingly Self-aware.

- Detach from thoughts and dissolve the habit of compulsive thinking.

- Become present throughout the day and disengage from thoughts.

- Be free of suffering from fear and anxiety.

- Let go of the mental states which obscure and distort your true nature.

2. Acceptance

In This Section, You Will Learn How To..

- Liberate yourself from all of your suppressed emotional energy and trauma.

- Dissolve repetitive patterns in personal life, business, and relationships.

- Release the burden of past pain and the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from being joyful.

- Become free from unconsciously reacting to external events and people.

- Process emotions in a conscious and healthy manner, without relying on coping mechanisms.

- Put an end to compulsive behaviors and addictions.

- Let go of co-dependency and become free from feeling insecure.

- Learn how to process and let go of emotional hurt and physical pain.

3. Self-Inquiry

In This Section, You Will Learn How To..

- Deepen your understanding and practice of Self-inquiry.

- Dissolve the “I thought” back into its source by keeping the mind firmly established in the heart of awareness.

- Dissolve ego-mind identification and discover your true nature as formless awareness.

- Turn your intellectual understanding of inquiry into experiential knowing.

- Become utterly quiet and peaceful, and receptive to inner understanding.

4. Self-Abidance

In This Section, You Will Learn How To..

- Stabilize in the presence of awareness.

- Explore and understand the nature of non-dual awareness, beyond presence.

- Transcend the many subtle layers of body/mind identification.

- Become free from the sense of doership and ownership of your thoughts, feelings, and actions; Thereby becoming free from guilt and anticipation.

- Integrate Self-knowledge into the practical aspects of day to day life, such as work, personal life, and relationships.

- Live a peaceful, harmonious, and happy life, reflecting the ever-deepening understanding of non-duality.

The Structure of Our program

In The Program, I work with you closely in 3 ways.

1. Online course

Easy to go through lectures with visuals and step-by-step implementation methods.

- Lessons and practices divided in weekly 

- Guided Self-inquiries and Q&A segments for each section.

- Focused in implementation and practice. I am not interested in filling your mind with more concepts, but instead to show you how to directly implement the teaching in your life.

2. Two Q&A Calls Every Week

The ability to ask all your questions and always be supported by me.

- 2 Live Q&A sessions with me every week on Tuesdays at 7PM Eastern & Saturdays at 12PM Eastern. (Please convert to your timezone) Additional calls at different times are occasionally added as well in order to accommodate everyone.

- The option to submit your questions through writing or speak to me directly and ask out loud.

- Weekly live guided Self-inquiry meditations in a powerful group atmosphere.

- All Q&As are recorded and available to watch later for your convenience.

If you'd like to experience what one of these calls are like, click here and watch one for free.

3. Private Support Community

Get support and interact with other program members. Our group is a close family.

- This private group is provides great support and it has become a powerful spiritual community in which you can receive instant answers to your questions, share your experiences, and learn from other people's experiences.

- Interact with me personally and get my support and guidance whenever you need throughout the day.

The Changes This Program Will Bring Into Your Experience

You will no longer be identified with mind.

You will be free from overthinking and overanalyzing.

You will be free from fear and anxiety.

You will no longer have any self-limiting beliefs or trauma.

You will be anchored in presence, free from past and future.

You will no longer react to external events.

You will stop suffering life and step into your true power.

You will stop chasing your happiness. You will be happy here and now.

You will feel secure, stable, and exuberant in you own being-ness.

You will shift from compulsiveness to freedom.

You will feel peaceful and happy without cause.

You will be established in your true nature and know yourself as you really are, in all its purity.

You will have true mastery of mind, and understanding of what you are beyond it.

This is not only a possibility for you, it is likely and inevitable, as you genuinely devote yourself to the teaching in this program.

Hear from our current students...

How Jacqueline Transcended Her Endless Emotional Healing Journey

How Bez Became Free Of Excessive Overthinking & Emotional Reactiveness

How Scott, Debra, & Aliza recognized their innate peace and happiness, despite the nature of their circumstances and past..

“This takes you deeper than any other process. Stick with this teaching; it's one of the most powerful things you can ever bring into your life.”

Scott Enslin, Eastern United States.

“It's the best thing I've ever done. It's excellent. You will grow so much and this happiness will become deeply imbedded within you.”

Debra Woodbridge, London, UK.


“It has helped me to be more at ease, more at peace, less reactive, and I am so so thankful that I found this program..”

Aliza Wahab Moreno, Oakland, California

Regardless of your story, spiritual background, or conditioning, this shift is equally open to you too. For in essence, you are not any different.

All it takes is a fresh approach, free of past and future. That fresh approach is what this program will provide to you.

We Approach The Practice With 3 Main Principles


Understand the teaching with great clarity and keep the practice utterly simple.


Turn the intellectual understanding of the teaching into experiential knowing.


Implement the teaching consistently while keeping it completely free of mental obstacles.

Enroll Now Below

This year, it is my intention to make this direct teaching available and accessible to as many people as possible. Previously, cost of the program used to be a barrier - The investment to enroll was $2500. However for the time being, I'm doing my absolute best to significantly reduce the cost of enrollment in order to make it accessible to everyone. 

I don't know for how long this pricing will be available, which is why if you wish to enroll at this price point, please act soon. It may be subject to change in the near future depending on how this experiment goes.

Please click below to go to the checkout page. Upon your purchase, you will receive instant access to the program. I look forward to working with you!



You are fully protected by our 100% Quality-Guarantee.

If, for any reason you don't like this program, you can get a full refund anytime within 7 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with me and I'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you an instant refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the program? 

Your enrollment period will be for a full 1 year duration, which allows you to work with me long-term so that you can digest and integrate the teaching into your life at your own pace.

I usually prefer 1-1 coaching instead of a group setting. Do you offer that? 

I understand your concern, however you will see that to absorb this kind of teaching, a group atmosphere is incredibly powerful and ultimately more effective. I have now had many people, who before joining this program, raised the same concern. But after being in the program and attending our calls, every single one of them has come back to me and mentioned how this format of coaching is far more effective.

Also, this format of the program allows me to work with you for a long-term period for minimal cost to you. If I did 1-1 coaching, I would only be able to work with you for a short period of time, while having to charge everyone a lot more individually. I personally am not interested in "giving you coaching." I am only interested in truly helping you integrate this teaching into your life deeply and create a profound impact in your understanding and life. That is something I can say with confidence that this program does.

Also, your mind makes it seem like you're a special case, that you need individual attention, that you want privacy and additional personal help - But all these concerns are purely mental and are simply not true. They limit you and hold you back from growing.

Matter of fact, everybody has the same sorts of concerns and doubts and fears in regards to this teaching. In a group atmosphere, you begin to notice how we are all going through the same challenges and confusions. And because of this, the questions that other people ask often times end up being the exact questions that you wanted to ask. And very frequently, your question will have already been answered before you have even asked your question.

For this reason specifically, many members join our weekly calls simply to listen, without even having any questions. The "satsang" environment becomes a powerful factor in the rapid development of your understanding and ability to integrate these concepts into you experience. along with that, you form some really intimate friendships along the way with the people you come across. Each person you interact with reflects back to you, exactly what you need to hear or see at this time. Our group is a close family.

That being said, I still take some measures to protect your privacy if you wish to ask questions anonymously. If that is something that is important to you, you are able to do so. It is my intention to make our program environment comfortable for everyone who is a part of it.

Is there a refund policy? 

Yes, your investment is wanted only if we are the right fit and if you’re benefiting greatly from the program. It is my goal to provide you at least 20x the value of your investment.

Which is why if you enroll and find that this program isn’t the right fit for you, or if the program isn’t everything you wished and hoped that it would be, you can let me know within 7 days of your enrollment in the program and you will receive a full refund for your payment. The 7-day grace period gives you plenty of time to figure out if this program is right for you. After the 7 days, I expect you to be fully committed.

Here are a few more words from some of our current members

How Elijah Became Incredibly Quiet & Peaceful By Committing To Acceptance & Self-Inquiry.

How Anita Stopped Dwelling In Low Vibrational States Through Acceptance & Self-Inquiry.

“The biggest difference in my life is the amount of peace, fulfillment, and satisfaction that I feel on a day to day basis.”

Taryn Nightingale, Johannesburg, SA.

“I’m more at peace than ever before. The negative thoughts are melting away and I'm gaining emotional mastery.”

Maiki Ling, Tallinn, Estonia.

“The simplicity of what Sunny teaches is so profound, and it is by far the best thing that I have done.”

Franco Sano, Miami Florida.

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