Personal  1 On 1 Coaching With Sunny

I help people create their desired reality through practical and easy to implement Reality Transurfing techniques.

Reality Transformation
Coaching Program

Create the wellbeing you want in your life with my personal help and through the powerful principles of Reality Transurfing. 

Discover the mechanics of creating your own reality and learn how to use the power of your awareness to CHOOSE what manifests as the future frames of your physical reality.

Inner intention aims to impact the outside world of your current life line.

Outer intention by contrast chooses a life line on which your desire can be realized.

I will teach you how to make that shift.

This Program IS For You If...

-You want to release an unwanted reality and manifest a new alternate reality.

-You want to create a holistic, positive transformation in your life.

-You want to gain greater control of the reality creation process and learn how to CHOOSE the next frame of reality. (Parallel Reality Shifting)

-You want to use the power of consciousness to choose a new reality instead of fighting your current reality.

-You want to adopt an empowering worldview that enables you to do less and accomplish more by tapping into the power of outer intention.

-You want to deepen your awareness and start expressing more of your infinite inner potential.

Let's get you back on your path of greatest success and happiness.

*Warning*: I only work with dedicated individuals who are truly ready for a change. Please only apply for a strategy session if you are ready and willing to go past an ordinary mindset and wordview and are willing to put what you learn into practice.

Think you are a good fit? Book a free strategy session with me below and let's discuss how I can help you.

Sunny is definitely the best teacher on the subject of Reality Transurfing on YouTube.  Coaching with Sunny was just what I needed to gain back my power. He is also a very sweet person. I strongly recommend him. It’s always worth investing in oneself! 

Nahomi T.

I enjoyed working with you a lot. In terms of meeting/exceeding my expectations, I would say that it definitely exceeded expectations. It was evident that you are willing to go above and beyond, deliver quality service and help out. 

Ivan S.

Sunny you’re  an amazing coach. Your patience and ability to teach is spectacular. I wish I had more time with you because I truly enjoyed our time together. You have an amazing gift and I am forever grateful. 

Lucy I.

Solution #2: 1.5 Hour Coaching Session - $149

-One Hour Skype/Phone Conversation With Sunny.
-Good For One Problem.
-Lasting Shift In Consciousness.
-Session Audio Recorded For You.
-Results Oriented Plan Custom Tailored For You.
-Follow Up Emails.

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