HCS Program

Dissolve Mind Identification And Return To Peace Through Self-Inquiry

The Higher Consciousness Shift is designed with one primary focus: To make Self-inquiry accessible and understandable to all; making the daily practice of living in awareness utterly simple and easy to implement.

This program offers you the continuous structure and support that you need to dive deeply into Self discovery and to turn your intellectual understanding of the teaching into direct experience.

In the program, I teach you how to...

- Refine and deepen your Self-inquiry practice to discover your true, essential Self, prior to personal identity.

- Live in total acceptance of what is, with detachment and ease.

- Dissolve identification with thoughts.

- Transcend fear, anxiety, guilt, and unworthiness.

- Heal past trauma and limiting beliefs.

- Establish your sense of self in Being; knowingly abide as awareness amidst activity.

Our Approach Is Simple

It is a process which consists of four main sections, built on the ideals of Modern Advaita teachings.

1. Presence

De-energizing the mind’s projections and ending attachment to thinking.

2. Acceptance

Living in total acceptance of what is.

3. Self-Inquiry

Investigating into the self, the “I” that thinks, feels, and experiences.

4. Self-Abidance

Integrating Self-discovery with the practical aspects of daily life.

Through it, you will experience life in a new way...

The Transformation That You can expect from this program

- Live a stress, fear, and anxiety free life - Return to balance.

- Self-knowledge: Experiential knowing of your formless Self, free of all qualities or attributes.

- Discover happiness to be your natural, effortless state.

- Transcend the pain/pleasure cycle of day-to-day life.

- Feel utterly fulfilled to the brim with how life is in this moment.

- Be at peace regardless of the nature of external circumstances.

- Recognize the underlying oneness of all life, allowing events to unfold in harmony.

- Live authentically, expressing naturally and spontaneously without fear of judgement or failure.

Hear what our current members Have to say...

“I’ve paid for a lot of courses but I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this has been the most impactful in my life.”

Scott Enslin, Eastern United States.

“The biggest difference in my life is the amount of peace, fulfillment, and satisfaction that I feel on a day to day basis.”

Taryn Nightingale, Johannesburg, SA.

“It has helped me to be more at ease, more at peace, less reactive, and I am so so thankful that I found this program..”

Aliza Wahab Moreno, Oakland, California

What is included in the program

- Direct teachings to support your accelerated transformation. A uniquely structured online course focused in implementation of the teaching.

- Long-term coaching with me: Personal weekly mentorship allowing you to keep your practice simple and free of mind-made obstacles.

- Connection with a powerful spiritual community of people from around the world who are going through the same process.

Are you ready to make the shift?

If you would like to learn more about working with me in the Higher Consciousness Shift program, please click the button below and book your free discovery call. On this call I will personally get on the phone with you to determine:

- What you are doing right or wrong and how to correct it.

- Where you may be getting stuck and how to breakthrough.

- If this program is right for you at this time.

View more program reviews here.

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