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Accelerated Reality

Create Your Reality From Within.

Step back into your power as the creator of your life and learn how to consciously create a holistic, positive transformation in yourself, your relationships, your personal and professional life.

Regain the freedom, peace, and joy that you once felt in your life when you were a child. 

This program tackles the main problems that most people have while trying to consciously create their own reality.

They Can't Seem To Overcome Their Doubts And Limiting Beliefs.

Your doubts and limiting beliefs keep creating life patterns and cycles in which you feel like a victim of your circumstances rather than the creator of your life.

These doubts and limiting beliefs are what hold you back from the ease, abundance, and wellbeing you wish to have.

Without learning to transcend your limiting beliefs, "creating your own reality" will always feel like an uphill battle.

They’re not sure if they’re implementing The Techniques properly. They need direction and guidance.

They are using techniques and meditation and what not, but they just can’t seem to take consistent action and stick to the teachings - and therefore see results. They continue to self-sabotage and go back into their old way of living.

With a hectic daily routine, it can be tough to know exactly how to implement all of the "create your own reality" techniques into your life in the most effective way.

But if you don't have a proper, consistent approach, you will have a hard time seeing any worthwhile results.

They Aren't Able To Control And Direct Their Own Thoughts, Emotions, And Reactions.

You are either reacting to life, or you are creating life.

If you want to be able to create your own reality, you have to become the master of your behavior, what you think, how you feel, and how you respond to situations and other people. 

Until then, you will remain bounded by your own unconsciousness.

Something seems to be missing for them but they can’t quite put their finger on what it is.

They believe in the teachings, they even have experienced some results, but they don’t seem to be getting that long lasting transformation in themselves and their reality.

With the countless books and teachings online, manifestation and creating your own reality can sometimes feel like a complex puzzle. But if you can't distance yourself from all the "spiritual entertainment" and hone these teachings down into a simple workable system that generates results, "creating your own reality" just remains a fancy idea.

They Can't Sense Oneness With Their World Or Higher Self - Not Being Able To See Everything And Everyone In Their Reality As Themselves.

It's hard to create your own reality when you cannot feel holistically connected with it.

If you keep looking at reality as something outside of you, you will continue to struggle to control it and create it the way you desire.

You cannot control anything you do not see as a part of you.

In the Accelerated Reality Course, You Will Specifically Learn:

How To Connect Deeply With Your Higher Self, Raise Your Awareness, And Access Higher Levels Of Consciousness At A Faster Pace.

A key component of being able to create your own reality is raising your awareness and gaining a wider perspective on reality. This is what enables you to form a perceivable connection with your higher Self.

Your power to manifest your desired reality is directly proportional to your level of conscious awareness. That is why in this program, Sunny takes you step by step through the process of raising your awareness and coming off autopilot mode.

This leads to an increasing shift in your habitual vibration which enables you to access higher levels of consciousness, through which you are able to create more effectively - Do less, accomplish more.

How To Accelerate The Time Between A Desire And Its Manifestation.

By creating a specific framework to help you consistently raise your awareness and vibration, the time you experience between your desire and its manifestation will be significantly reduced.

You can call it magic, or you can simply understand it to be a natural byproduct of increasing your frequency - either way it works.

When your frequency is moving at a faster pace, so does your reality. As you wake up to your true nature and have greater realizations of reality through this course, your intention will hold more power and your life will begin to move forward towards your goals faster.

How To Find And Release Your Doubts, Fears, And Limiting Beliefs So You Can Become A New You.

To create the beautiful life experiences that you desire and accelerate your reality, you will have to become aware of and transcend your doubts and limiting beliefs.

One of the biggest reasons people fail to create their own reality is a lack of knowledge on how to dissolve limiting beliefs and how limiting beliefs play a really big role in the creation process.

In the Accelerated Reality program, Sunny shows you the easiest and most effective ways to become aware of the limiting beliefs that you hold within and how to move past them so that you can become a new You.

The more layers of limiting beliefs you peel off of your worldview, the more changes you will begin to see in your reality; the faster you will move towards your desired reality.

What It Means To “Choose Your Desired Reality" Instead Of Fighting With Your Current One And How To Start Doing It.

Your current physical reality is not the only reality within which you have to create change. Matter of fact, you cannot change reality. You simply have to choose the reality you want.

There are infinite parallel realities which your consciousness has the power to manifest. You're currently doing this process unconsciously, creating a similar reality on loop.

In Accelerated Reality, Sunny teaches you how to choose your desired reality and allow the manifestation process to happen naturally. Perhaps, the most significant part of this course - Sunny provides practical day-to-day steps to flow into your desired reality.

How To Reprogram Your Mind In Order To Allow Greater Shifts In Your Reality.

In order to experience big positive shifts in your life, you have to loosen your mind's definitions of reality and how the world works. Throughout your life, you have consciously and unconsciously picked up many belief systems and behavior responses that are NOT serving you. 

Matter of fact, many of these systems have created a firm mould around your mind which hinders any real change from happening to you. This program will help you loosen that mould until it is virtually gone, so that your mind allows greater change in your reality.

This is one of the most important aspects of accelerating the creation process of your reality. The quicker you're able to loosen the mould, the quicker you will shift to your desired reality. Sunny will walk you through this process.

The Simple 4-Step System To Gain Deliberate Control Of Your Life And Generate A Positive, Abundant Reality.

The Accelerated Reality program boils down the creation process into a 4-step, easy to follow system that you can implement directly into your life.

This system can be used to work towards any goal you may have. Whether it is manifesting a relationship, creating financial prosperity, landing a new career, or even attaining higher levels of spiritual realization.

This 4-step system will simplify your life and can always be resorted to during any time of confusion or difficulty.

Course Curriculum

The Accelerated Reality program is divided into 6 weeks. Each week includes a module which focuses on one part of the creation process that you have to master. All modules are in sequential order and build one on top of the other, creating an easy to follow journey.

Week #1: The Infinite Nature Of Awareness

The first module is the foundation upon which the entire rest of your "create your own reality" knowledge will be built. Most people try to create their own reality with the small self, which is impossible because the small self is as powerless as a mannequin.

This is why, right in the beginning in Week 1, Sunny teaches you how to consistently detach identification with the mind and body and connect with the higher Self, that sense of "I am." which is the real You. This connection will also deepen as you go through the course and continuously after.

Creating reality from the Higher Self perspective becomes more and more like a walk in the park. In the week 1 module, you will learn exactly how to adopt this perspective and live through it so you can feel ever connected to your Self and your world.

Week #2: Choose Your Reality (Part 1)

Week 2 is where you learn how to pause your current movie and choose a new one. In other words, how to detach from your current identity and its corresponding reality and choose a NEW identity with its own NEW corresponding reality.

You as consciousness, are constantly manifesting one out of infinite parallel realities into the Now, every moment. Currently, you are carrying out this process unconsciously.

Well in this module, Sunny teaches you how to take back conscious control of this process.

Week #3: Choose Your Reality (Part 2)

Because choosing your reality is quite a dense topic, there are two weeks specifically dedicated to it. Grabbing the steering wheel of this process back under your conscious control is a big responsibility. In this module, Sunny prepares you for this new way of living and consciously creating your own reality.

Up until now, "creating your own reality" might have just seemed like empty words to you. After this module, they become reality.

Week #4: Allowing Infinity To Create Through You

Once you choose your reality, it is time to get out of the way and allow infinity to do its job and deliver for you. In this module, Sunny takes you through the process of letting go of direct control of the journey and allowing life to meet you half way.

After applying what you learn in this module, you will no longer get in the way of your own manifestations. Instead, you will walk hand in hand with life, and allow life to take care of you - which it has always been trying to do.

Week #5: Reprogramming Your Mind

Reality always has to honor your worldview. Things that do not fit inside of your worldview cannot happen to you; they cannot occur within your reality.

You have picked up many belief systems and behaviors throughout your life which are not serving you. Not only that, they have actually formed a mould around your mind that is actively holding back and resisting the inflow of abundance to your life.

In this module, Sunny teaches you how to peel away the layers of unconscious madness which you have unwillingly subscribed to in your life. You will learn how to let go of the limiting beliefs, fears, doubts, behaviors, and identities that keep you from creating the life you want to life.

Week #6: The Mirror World

In this module you will learn how to leverage the Mirror Reality Principle to accelerate the manifestation process. This module contains the most intensive mirror world training that Sunny has ever created.

In it, you will be taught how to use your state of being as a means to make your external reality reflect back to you the type of circumstances you desire to create. Reality is a mirror that is always a direct reflection of you. 

By learning how to consciously apply this principle to your finances, relationships, personal, and professional life, you will save yourself from countless obstacles and accelerate your manifestation process 10x.

(Bonus) Week #7: Optimizing Your Energies

The experiences you want to create are a higher vibration in nature. If you are always vibrating at a low frequency, it will be almost impossible for you to match and manifest your desired reality.

As previously mentioned, taking conscious control of the creation process is a big responsibility. But if your energy cannot support it, you will not last long. So in this Bonus Week 7 module, Sunny teaches you how to keep your body and mind in a state which is optimized for consciously creating your own reality.

Here's Everything You Get With This Course:

  • A complete 7 Week Create Your Own Reality Journey: Over 13 hours of advanced personal coaching from Sunny.
  • One 60 Minute Personal Coaching Session With Sunny: Direct help and mentorship from Sunny through a personal phone coaching session to help you implement everything smoothly.  
  • Easy To Follow Coaching System: Step-by-step breakdown of the entire creation process with sequential video modules in an easy to access online private portal.
  • Downloadable Mp3's: Fully downloadable audios of all modules so you can listen to the program offline or during your commute.
  • Free Support Documents & Resources: Additional documents, worksheets, and exercises to help you take concrete action on everything you learn in the lectures.
  • Lifetime Access To Accelerated Reality: 24/7 lifetime access to the program and its future updated versions with additional cutting edge lectures.
  • Premium Student Support: Priority access and faster responses from Sunny.
  • An Unconditional 10 Day Money Back Guarantee: So you can try the Accelerated Reality Course and see if it is the right fit for you before committing.

The Accelerated Reality Program Will Enable You To:

  • Create your reality from oneness. Instead of struggling to strategize your way to an abundant life through the small self, consciously create your reality through a deep connection with your Higher Self perspective.
  • Manifest your desired reality with less effort, hard work, grinding, and struggling.
  • Experience a complete transformation in your relationships, finances, career, health, business, and personal life.
  • Become aware of and release your fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs.
  • Live a more authentic, effortless life that feels true to who you are; the live you know you are here to live.
  • Feel more connected with life, with your world, with your external reality, with other people in your life.
  • Let go of ego and attachment to your external things, situations, and people.

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Accelerated Reality Program

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