Empowerment Courses

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The 2 online courses which are available at the moment are centered around Sunny's previous manifestation-focused teachings.

For students of Self-realization teachings, please check out The Higher Consciousness Shift program

(Beginner - Moderate)

Transurfing Reality® Course

In this course, you will learn...

  1. The entire Reality Transurfing® (Steps I-V) Manifestation Process, including all RT concepts (Alternatives space, Pendulums, Alternatives flow, Mirror Reality Principle, Coordination, and more.
  2. How to start "choosing" your reality through the process of Reality Transurfing.
  3. How to align yourself to natural law and take the path of least resistance towards your desired reality.
  4. Upgrade your worldview and paradigm.
  5. See things from a much greater perspective and realize more of your natural power. Elevate your mindset to the level where you do less and accomplish more.

This course is not officially affiliated with Vadim Zeland or Reality Transurfing®. Sunny is a fan and interpreter of Vadim’s work. All the material in this course is original, however all Reality Transurfing® terms belong to Vadim Zeland. For questions, please contact support@personalmasteryquest.com. Credits To Vadim Zeland:

http://Www.zelands.com -www.transurfing.us




(Moderate - Advanced)

Accelerated Reality ​​​Course

In this program we have 2 main objectives:

  1. Create an internal atmosphere of peace and happiness. (being happy with yourself, having self belief, clarity regarding what you want, and courage to execute and manifest it).
  2. Create the external atmosphere of abundance and harmony. (Flow in circumstances, better income, better health, harmonious relationships, authentic passionate living).

    To create these outcomes, the process I take you through has 5 phases:
    1. Awareness: Elevating your level of conscious awareness.
    2. Letting go: Dissolve all repetitive patterns and limitations.
    3. Alignment: Creating a complete internal shift in identity - Aligning powerfully to your ideal self and reality
    4. Action: Taking consistent action through happiness and fulfillment rather than chasing a destination.
    5. Reprogramming: Reprogram your worldview & self image and bringing it them into alignment with your desired reality.
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