Create Your Own Reality Courses By Sunny

(Beginner - Moderate Experience)

Transurfing Reality Course

In this course, you will learn...

-The entire Reality Transurfing (Steps I-V) Manifestation Process.

-How to manifest your dream self and dream reality with consistent pace and progress through the process of Reality Transurfing.

-How to align yourself to natural law and take the path of least resistance towards your desired reality.

-How to navigate setbacks and turn them into greater successes down the road.

-Upgrade your worldview and paradigm - See things from a much greater perspective and realize more of your natural power. Elevate your mindset to the level where you do less and accomplish more.

-Rediscover your path of greatest success and happiness. Live the effortless life experience that is your birthright.


Accelerated Reality Program

*This is Sunny's entire 1 on 1 Coaching Program in Video Format.*

In this course, you will learn...

-How to take your 'create your own reality' journey to the next level.

-How to accelerate the time between a desire and its manifestation.

-How to raise your awareness and access higher levels of consciousness at a faster pace.

-What it means to “choose your desired reality instead of fighting with your current one” and how to start doing it.

-The most important elements of reprogramming your mind in order to start allowing greater shifts in your reality.

-How to find and release your doubts and limiting beliefs so you can become a new you.

-The simple 4 step system to gain more deliberate control of your life and start generating positive experiences more consistently.

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